Grass-fed Tallow Balm



Repair: Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Tamanu oil, Essential oils of Helichrysum, Frankincense and Copaiba 50g

1898: Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil, Essential oils of Lavender and Bay Laurel 50g

What makes Grass Fed Tallow so awesome?

Grass fed beef tallow is deeply moisturizing. It also helps to prevent the skin’s loss of moisture. Tallow is uniquely biocompatible with the way our skin cells are made. You can tell when you put tallow on your skin. It absorbs right in, and it’s almost like your skin is drinking it right in. It doesn’t sit on the surface and stay oily. It is assimilated right into the skin, where it can do its wonderful work of moisturizing, soothing, and healing. Grass fed tallow contains the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12.Grass fed tallow is rich in minerals, which is wonderful for skin health.

Grass fed tallow also contains something called conjugated linoleic acid, often abbreviated CLA, which is very important for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of those nutrients that is specifically found in 100% grass fed beef tallow.

Omega 9 fatty acid, also known as oleic acid, is also found in grass fed tallow. This helps the other nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin, so that the skin can use and benefit from all of the nutrients.

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1898, Repair


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